Discover New Venues And The First Round Is On The House!


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to kick back with a drink after a hard day’s work – after all, you’ve earned it, right? But despite being blessed with a vibrant local night scene, it’s ironic how we’re either habitually heading to the same spots or sporadically having to search online for, “Best places to drink in Singapore”, “Budget-friendly places to drink in SG”, or “Popular bars in Singapore” and so on. First-world hassles aside, there is also a tiny chance that the newfangled bar you found online would turn out to be some sleazy watering hole, or at best, a total snooze fest. We’ve been there, and we’re here for you. 

Enter Chug, a members-only lifestyle app that not only provides a convenient curation of the best bars in your preferred area, but also treats you to one alcoholic beverage a day. Which basically means you can have a free drink every day of the week, just by heading to one of Chug’s exclusive venue partners. The catch? There is a monthly subscription of only $14.90 per month, but do the math –  that’s 30+ drinks for the price of one. Plus, Chug also notifies you of the latest happenings and deals as soon as they’re made available (did anyone say extended happy hour?).

Not all bars are created equal – we cherrypicked the best after-hours spots, offering our members VIP treatment, and better yet, free drinks – but we believe Chug levels the playing field. Now go chug in peace.

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