Getting by the week quicker with Chug Hump Day


Do you wish for weekends to come by more quickly? While time travelling is impossible (at the moment), we, the Chug Team, managed to play around with the calendar and make this dream a reality for all nine-to-fivers (or niners) in the +65.

With our Chug Hump Day, we bring the weekends closer to you as the hump of the week – Wednesday – has turned into a day we can all look forward to and toast to.

Chug Hump Day is created for you to celebrate getting by the dreaded Mondays & Tuesdays every week. Come chill, drink and dine with us every Wednesday and expect to be spoiled with Chug Hump Day treats on top of the first drink you redeem. Imagine the mouthwatering Korean fried chicken wings @ Bar On Chulia, the juicy fresh Irish oysters @ ME@OUE or chunky fish bites @ Freehouse. Other than delicious bar food, we want you to de-stress and drink your night away. Hence, there will be whisky appreciation sessions or special drink deals just for you. The idea is to get you over the hump every week with cocktails and beers, fun and cheers and the next thing you know, its the weekends.

Come join us for our very first Chug Hump Day!


First 10 members who redeem their drink at Bar On Chulia gets a plate of savoury Korean fried chicken! 

Date: 28 September 2016

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Venue: Bar On Chulia 

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