“I always live by this quote from Bar Codes, ‘There are no shortcuts to mastering my craft, it takes years of sweat, blood, tears before you earn the right to be called a bartender.’”

CHUG: How did your journey to becoming a bartender begin?

PRATHIP: I started working in the F&B industry some 10 years ago, and was asked to choose to specialize at the bar or in the service line. At that time, I just chose to specialize at the bar because I felt that I had more to learn in that respect, and that it was more interesting.

CHUG: So, what the initial years of bartending like?

PRATHIP: As with any trait, the initial years were extremely tough. I remember starting out, having to bust out 20-30 cocktails in 1 evening, hardly knowing anything. At that time, I learnt through a lot of reading and experimenting with drinks in my free time. Mixology wasn’t as popular at that time, and the information wasn’t as readily available on the internet as it is now, so a lot of us who started out in the industry were mostly self-taught, or learnt on the job.

CHUG: In your opinion, what defines a mixologist?

PRATHIP: I hear this term being thrown around a lot, and I guess the term ‘mixologist’ has evolved, and will continue to do so. To me, a mixologist must be able to create his (or her) own recipes, understand balance in the cocktails they, make use of freshly made ingredients, and also make his (or her) own bitters from scratch.

CHUG: So, what is the difference then between a mixologist and a bartender?

PRATHIP: As the name suggests, the bartender, tends the bar. In the sense, a bartender must ensure that the bar is well-stocked, and that things run smoothly behind the bar. In addition, the bartender must entertain the bar’s patrons and must move fast. Personally, I feel that both the mixologist and bartender must work together in order for a successful operation.

CHUG: Many young people these days want to strike out on their own in the F&B industry.   Do you have any tips aspiring mixologists?

PRATHIP: Travel, visit, read, and keep practicing. Travel in order to find inspiration (and be prepared that these travels are always out of your own pocket) because new discoveries always inspire new creations. Visit bars to keep abreast with what other people are doing – to build a community that you can learn from. Read to revise old techniques or discover new techniques and trends. I cannot stress practice enough. While it is nice to create a new drink, you cannot find that perfect balance until you have practiced your techniques enough.

Catch Prathip in action at The Single Cask at CHIJMES, where he busts out classic cocktails with a twist. We guarantee, you will be ordering seconds and thirds.

The History Of The Singapore Sling

Singapore-Sling-1The Singapore Sling, widely regarded as the national drink of the country, was first created in 1915 at Raffles Singapore by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon. Primarily a gin-based cocktail, the Singapore Sling also contains pineapple juice as the main ingredient, along with grenadine, lime juice and Dom Benedictine. Giving it the pretty pink hue are cherry brandy and Cointreau. Bartender Ngiam deliberately chose to give the cocktail this rosy colour.

Following the turn of the century in colonial Singapore, Raffles Singapore was the gathering place for the community and Long Bar was the watering hole. It was common to see the gentlemen nursing glasses of gin or whisky. Unfortunately for the ladies, etiquette dictated they could not consume alcohol in public, and for the sake of public modesty, fruit juices and teas were their preferred beverage.

The talented Ngiam thus saw a niche in the market and decided to create a cocktail that looked like a fruit juice, but was actually infused with gin and other liqueurs. Masking it in pink gave it a feminine flair and together with the use of clear alcohol, he cleverly led people into thinking it was a socially acceptable punch for the ladies. With that, the Singapore Sling was born. Needless to say, it became an instant hit.

This article is republished with the full permission of Raffles Singapore, ( )with the omission of the last paragraph of the original article, as the video links are no longer available. We would also like to mention that Long Bar is now closed due to restoration but the Singapore Sling is now served at its new temporary home, Bar & Billiard Room.

3 Uniquely Romantic Spots for Your Valentine’s Date

Long Chim


Impress your date with a dose of hearty Thai street food with class. Situated in Atrium 2 of the Marina Bay Sands Casino, Long Chim’s atmosphere is laid-back yet chic enough for a Valentine’s date. You’ll get to experience a little bit of authentic Thailand with decorations of Thai signature food carts, and trinkets. Wow your date with the authentic Thai experience, and redeem a drink with Chug while you’re at it! Head bartender Jay Gray serves up cocktail blends with a Thai twist that’s sure to impress your date!

Address: Dining Level L2 -02, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands



If you’re looking for a place with no gimmicks to take your date to, Hopscotch at the Red Dot Museum is definitely the place! The cocktails at Hopscotch pay homage to our local cuisine, which is refreshing amongst the flurry of speakeasy bars. Revive the local identity this Valentine’s date as you and your date reminisce over home-made fortune cookies and rabbit candies that accompany the cocktails at Hopscotch. Redeem your Chug drink while you’re at it!

Address: Red Dot Traffic Building, 28 Maxwell Road, #01-04

The Belljar


Who can resist plush leather seats and dim lighting for a Valentine’s date? Sip curated Whiskey from around the world; indulge in cigars; or order a bespoke cocktail at The Belljar. A hark back to the vintage era, The Belljar is nothing short of classical elegance for your Valentine’s Date. You know we only serve you the good stuff at Chug. So while you won’t be able to redeem your free drink, there’s a special treat for all you subscribers! You are entitled to a special price of $98++ per pax for the Belljar’s Valentine’s dinner special! What are you waiting for, make your reservations now!

Address: 18 North Canal Road

Win A Trip For Two To Bangkok


Dreaming of your next vacay already?

How about shopping at Platinum mall, cafe hopping at Siam and dancing your night away at Thong Lor. If all these sound like an amazing getaway, then look no further because Chug wants to send you to one of Singaporeans all-time favourite city, Bangkok.

For the month of October and November, Chug is running a lucky draw for those who wine and dine at our partner bars and restaurant.

For every $20 you spend after you redeem your first free drink, you are entitled to enter the lucky draw for a chance to win two roundtrip tickets to Bangkok!

How To Participate

  1. Spend $20 or more at Chug’s venue partners after you redeem your first drink.
  2. Send us a picture of your receipt via Whatsapp at +65 9151 5867 and let us know your Chug registered email address.
  3. You get one chance to enter the lucky draw for every $20 you spend – so if your meal costs $60, you get 3 times the chance of winning the trip!
  4. Entries open today through Wednesday, 30 November 2016. We will announce the lucky winner on Saturday, 10 December 2016.


I shared a meal with three other friends. Can we all enter the lucky draw with one receipt?
We only register one user with one receipt. Try asking to split the bill if you and your friends all wish to enter the lucky draw.

Do I have to redeem one drink first?
Yes. Once you send us your receipt we will check to make sure you have a matching redemption record and also most venues will include the Chug drink you redeemed on the receipts.

Is there a limit to how many times I enter the lucky draw?
No. Send us as many receipts as you want!

How will I get notified if I win?
You will be notified via the email associated with your Chug account.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

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Getting by the week quicker with Chug Hump Day


Do you wish for weekends to come by more quickly? While time travelling is impossible (at the moment), we, the Chug Team, managed to play around with the calendar and make this dream a reality for all nine-to-fivers (or niners) in the +65.

With our Chug Hump Day, we bring the weekends closer to you as the hump of the week – Wednesday – has turned into a day we can all look forward to and toast to.

Chug Hump Day is created for you to celebrate getting by the dreaded Mondays & Tuesdays every week. Come chill, drink and dine with us every Wednesday and expect to be spoiled with Chug Hump Day treats on top of the first drink you redeem. Imagine the mouthwatering Korean fried chicken wings @ Bar On Chulia, the juicy fresh Irish oysters @ ME@OUE or chunky fish bites @ Freehouse. Other than delicious bar food, we want you to de-stress and drink your night away. Hence, there will be whisky appreciation sessions or special drink deals just for you. The idea is to get you over the hump every week with cocktails and beers, fun and cheers and the next thing you know, its the weekends.

Come join us for our very first Chug Hump Day!


First 10 members who redeem their drink at Bar On Chulia gets a plate of savoury Korean fried chicken! 

Date: 28 September 2016

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Venue: Bar On Chulia 

Be an insider and stay tuned for upcoming events:


Discover New Venues And The First Round Is On The House!


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to kick back with a drink after a hard day’s work – after all, you’ve earned it, right? But despite being blessed with a vibrant local night scene, it’s ironic how we’re either habitually heading to the same spots or sporadically having to search online for, “Best places to drink in Singapore”, “Budget-friendly places to drink in SG”, or “Popular bars in Singapore” and so on. First-world hassles aside, there is also a tiny chance that the newfangled bar you found online would turn out to be some sleazy watering hole, or at best, a total snooze fest. We’ve been there, and we’re here for you. 

Enter Chug, a members-only lifestyle app that not only provides a convenient curation of the best bars in your preferred area, but also treats you to one alcoholic beverage a day. Which basically means you can have a free drink every day of the week, just by heading to one of Chug’s exclusive venue partners. The catch? There is a monthly subscription of only $14.90 per month, but do the math –  that’s 30+ drinks for the price of one. Plus, Chug also notifies you of the latest happenings and deals as soon as they’re made available (did anyone say extended happy hour?).

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